Privacy Policy applies to the services offered by Salisbury Pilates and Fitness (ABN: 37553585144)

  1. Statement of Commitment

Salisbury Pilates and Fitness is committed to protecting your privacy and any personal information we collect. Salisbury Pilates and Fitness complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This policy explains how we may collect, use, disclose and otherwise handle personal and sensitive information.

Salisbury Pilates and Fitness is committed to safeguarding personal privacy. It recognises that individuals have a right to control how their personal information is collected and used. Providing personal information is an act of trust and it is taken seriously. Unless given consent to do otherwise, Salisbury Pilates and Fitness will only collect and use personal information as set out below.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy personal information may mean some or all of the following: A member’s name, contact details, date of birth, emergency contact details, bank account and/or credit card details, student identification details, employment details, payment history and sensitive information.

  1. Collecting personal information

Salisbury Pilates and Fitness will not collect or monitor any personal information about an individual without their consent. The only personal information collected is what is provided voluntarily by a member or prospective member.

We collect personal information primarily to enable us to provide members with our services or functions related thereto.

Salisbury Pilates and Fitness may also use the information for marketing to you or for any other purpose permitted under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

You don’t need to identify yourself when you deal with us (e.g. to find out more about membership packages) however in certain situations we will only deal with individuals who have identified themselves to us.

When a membership or product is purchased personal information will be requested in order to provide the requested service or product, provide updated information, and advise of other Salisbury Pilates and Fitness products, which may be of interest. You are not obligated to provide personal information however failure to do so may result in Salisbury Pilates and Fitness being unable to provide services or products to you.

Personal information is collected directly from members or potential future members when they personally complete and submit an application form to become a member of Salisbury Pilates and Fitness. This can be done in person at one of our studio, online via our website or on the phone via one of our Staff.

  1. Collecting Sensitive Information

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy sensitive information means the information a member has disclosed to us about their physical and mental health and well being.

Sensitive information will only ever be used for providing services to members. Such information will not be used or disclosed for any other purposes without consent, except in exceptional cases when disclosure may be required by law or is necessary to protect the rights or property of Salisbury Pilates and Fitness, or any member of the public, or to lessen a serious threat to a person’s health or safety. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy sensitive information is a subset of personal information.

  1. Use of tracking technologies

Salisbury Pilates and Fitness uses tracking technologies such as cookies or web beacons to make use of the website and services as convenient as possible. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to a computer’s hard disk for record-keeping purposes. Web Beacon is a technical method that sends information related to access to websites, when you browse websites, open or preview an HTML-formatted email. Most web browsers are set to accept tracking technologies such as cookies or web beacons. These tracking technologies do not themselves personally identify users, although they do identify a user’s browser. These tracking technologies allow Salisbury Pilates and Fitness to monitor the Salisbury Pilates and Fitness website, and to record how many people are using the different parts of the site.

It is possible to set the browser to refuse tracking technologies such as cookies or web beacons, however, this may limit the services provided by Salisbury Pilates and Fitness website.

  1. Using and disclosing your personal information

Personal Information will be used for the following primary purpose:

  • To fulfil obligations under a member’s membership agreement and/or any other contract between him/her and Salisbury Pilates and Fitness;
  • To render services under a member’s membership agreement;
  • To provide information about products, service and/or special offers to members;
  • To obtain opinions or comments about products and/or services from members;
  • To record statistical data for marketing analysis from members;
  • To process and consider an application for employment;
  • To assist with Salisbury Pilates and Fitness internal business processes;
  • To conduct market research and/or to improve Salisbury Pilates and Fitness products and service offerings;
  • For any other purposes that could be reasonably expected of Salisbury Pilates and Fitness; and
  • To enable Salisbury Pilates and Fitness to comply with its obligations under law.
  • The third parties to which Salisbury Pilates and Fitness may disclose personal information to includes:
  • contractors, agents and suppliers Salisbury Pilates and Fitness engages to provide products and/or perform services;
  • legal aid sought to represent Salisbury Pilates and Fitness.

Allowing us to use your image.

We sometimes film or photograph the studio and classes so it is possible you will appear in the background or foreground. By signing your agreement, you allow us to use your image in promotional and other business-related material.

  1. Contact by Salisbury Pilates and Fitness

Salisbury Pilates and Fitness does not send advertising information without obtaining prior consent. If an individual receives communications from Salisbury Pilates and Fitness which they do not wish to receive, they may remove their name from the database by contacting Salisbury Pilates and Fitness at

  1. Individual’s right of access

Individuals have the right to review, amend or delete personal and/or sensitive information that may be recorded on the Salisbury Pilates and Fitness database.

  1. Storage and security of personal and/or sensitive information

Salisbury Pilates and Fitness takes all reasonable steps to keep secure personal information recorded and to keep this information accurate and up to date.

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Phone: 1300 363 992
Post: GPO Box 5218Sydney NSW 2001

Online Form: (Privacy Complaint Form).

Salisbury Pilates and Fitness reserves the right to review, amend, update and change this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect its practices and obligations. Any changes will take effect when they are made or posted on our website.